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GovTech's Portfolio System

In the continuous efforts to improve the service provided to taxpayers in the City of Stevens Point, GovTech Services Inc. has found a way to make your escrow tax payment services more convenient while meeting the goals of increased efficiency for both you and the property tax collector's office. The product is called Portfolio. The City Treasurer's office supports and encourages the use of the Portfolio process. This process provides your facility a faster and more efficient way of paying and monitoring escrow real estate taxes. It also reduces and eliminates the duplicate payments. It will provide an electronic file to the treasurer's office for the parcels you have selected to pay, without you needing an IT department to create one.

By participating in this process your banking facility can also receive the following benefits:

  • Tax data for multiple counties/municipalities participating from ONE website and can be extracted in a consistent format. Using Portfolio generates an electronic file for the treasurer's office reducing the time manually posting of your items.
  • With daily updates from the property tax collector's office, Portfolio will populate your group listings respectively, so you can see in bulk listings what is due. No more need to contact office or look parcels up on a web site one by one for payment status.
  • The payment made by ACH Credit eliminates the need for writing paper checks, cost of postage for envelopes, last day last minute payments with no waiting in line. Deposits are made directly to a designated account set up by the property tax collector, not a third party.
  • Funds for duplicate payments and overpayments will remain in your facility; you will no longer have to wait for a refund check to be sent from the collector.
  • Parcels processed through Portfolio can be inquired on through the GTS website and support or questions will be answered through GTS. Use our on line helpdesk tab on the web site.
  • Your facility can manage not only ESCROW parcels to be paid, but also parcels that you just need to watch to ensure payments are made on time ( Bankruptcies, Forfeitures, and Homeowners who are continuously late or delinquent )
  • Easy to load and maintain excel listings (only the parcel number is needed) can be created for individual Homeowners or Groups from 1 parcel up to 2500 on a list. All listings can be exported to your desk top.
  • Avoid Duplicate Bill fees or manual processing fees from the City office. The per parcel fee is only invoiced on what actually is paid. You can set up and monitor as many listings as you need with no additional costs.

This new process will reduce labor and costs for the property tax collector's office and be more cost effective for you as well as improve the service for processing your client's tax payments.

To sign up please use the link GovTech. Under the REGISTER tab, complete the registration form for Portfolio. Or contact our help desk at 888-304-5989 to find out how you can save on Postage, Time and Money. Your participation in The Portfolio Process will begin helping us improve the tax payment process for everyone.

Please Note: Payment Status on the GTS site has up to a 24 hour delay from the property tax collector's office. Payments will be reflected paid on the GovTech Web Site the day the payments are submitted from their site. Please allow 4-5 business days for payment status to transfer on to the City of Stevens Point Web Site, or visit GovTech for payment status.

GTS Payment Schedule

Banks and Mortgage Companies with 2500 parcel or less are recommended to set up through the Portfolio Service: GovTech .75 Payment Processing Fee Per Parcel Banks and Mortgage Companies with 2501 parcels or more will be recommended to set up through the Escrow Service: GovTech $250.00 Fee for Installment Set Up Services (This is a one-time fee per installment and the companies have unlimited access to download a file)

.25 Payment Processing Fee Per Parcels

For Portfolio Service set up assistance, Escrow Subscription sign up or any processing questions, please email us or call the GTS support number toll free 888-304-5989 Mon through Friday 7:00AM – 7:00 PM CST.

Portfolio Service Instructions

Number 1 Register on Site

  • Login to GovTech
  • Click on the "Registration" Tab in blue
  • Select the Portfolio Form, complete and hit register.
  • Create a file listing on your desktop in an Excel (.xls) 97-2003 spreadsheet. Parcel Number should be in column A. Column B should be used for internal tracking (eg. loan numbers). Information included in column B will also be shown in the Export Parcels spreadsheet. No column header or additional information in any other columns. One parcel per line and only one collector is allowed per group.

Number 2 Upload Parcel Listing

  • Login to GovTech
  • Click the Portfolio Option Tab in Blue
  • Select Portfolio Import from the drop down list.
  • First you must enter a Group Name. Select the State and the Collector Name, and click the ADD button. Multiple group names can be added and different parcel listings can be uploaded for each group.
  • Move to the LOAD FILE box. The New Group Name(s) should be listed in the Portfolio Group Field. Select the Group name and click Choose a File. When you have found the saved parcel listing name on your PC, hit the Send File option. The number of records will be populated when finished.
  • From the Portfolio Option tab, click on the Portfolio from the drop down. The group name(s) will be listed, if the parcel count is populated, you can now go and
  • Show Parcels. This will reflect the parcels and the paid status. If you click the highlighted parcel number it will provide further detail on the parcel.
  • Other Functions on this page are: Delete a Group, Add Parcels to that group, Export Parcels to your desktop.

Number 3 Make a Payment

  • Login to GovTech
  • Click the Portfolio Options Tab in Blue
  • Select the Portfolio from the drop down list.
  • Select the Group Name and click SHOW PARCELS. When the next page displays, scroll down to see the listing of parcels. Mark the open box to pay individually, or mark to "pay all first installment" or if wanting to pay full year, mark Pay First Installment and Pay Second Installment, then hit Add to Shopping Cart at the top right of the screen. Scroll down to bottom, select your Method of Payment, and proceed to checkout.