Living Tree Memorials
Since 1988, this fund has been providing opportunities for honoring/memorializing others with trees planted in Stevens Point parks.

A tax-deductible contribution of $300 will provide for a tree purchase, planting, and maintenance.

Parks with Memorial Trees in them have permanent signage indicating those in whose memory or honor a tree has been planted.

Give the gift of a tree for
  • Memorials/Honorariums
  • Mother's or Father's Day
  • Anniversaries
  • Club Projects
  • Any Other Special Occasion or Reason

To donate, visit the Community Foundation's Donation Page and specify "Living Trees Memorial Fund" in the field titled "Name of Fund."

Todd Ernster, Forester
2442 Sims Ave.
Stevens Point, WI  54481
Ph: (715) 346–1532
Fax: (715) 346-1582
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