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Downtown Rezoning
Downtown Rezoning Project
The City of Stevens Point is investigating the rezoning of several properties on the fringe of downtown. Please see the map (below) identifying the potential properties.

This examination of rezoning has stemmed from previous high intensity uses and zoning that existed within downtown but are non-existent today. Specifically, several manufacturing uses historically existed within and on the fringe of downtown, and were zoned industrial/manufacturing (M-1 and M-2) accordingly.

Now that the majority of uses have ceased and/or been transformed, a more appropriate zoning classification should be designated to ensure neighboring uses are compatible and not injurious to each other. A specific district was created within the City’s zoning ordinance for such purpose, Central Business Transition District (B-2). The B-2 District acts as a transition district from higher intense uses to lower intense uses.

A change in zoning from the manufacturing districts to B-2 will allow for denser development, requiring a smaller minimum lot size, and smaller setbacks which fits well within the downtown. For example, in the M-1 District a minimum lot size of 8,000 square feet and a street setback of 30 feet is required, whereas the B-2 District requires 5,000 square feet and a street setback of 5 feet.

Before proceeding with any rezoning of properties, the City is encouraging your feedback. To find out more about the potential rezoning and how it may impact you, as well as to provide feedback, please review the zoning examination presentation below or contact staff within the department of Community Development. All affected properties will be notified prior to any action occurring on the rezoning. Furthermore, the notification will include notice of a public hearing upon which the public and property owners can provide comment. 

Michael Ostrowski
Community Development Director
1515 Strongs Ave.
Stevens Point, WI 54481
Ph: (715) 346-1567
Fax: (715) 346-1498

Kyle Kearns
Associate Planner / Zoning Administrator
1515 Strongs Avenue
Stevens Point, WI 54481
Ph: (715) 342-4158
Fax: (715) 346-1498

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