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Parking Rules & Tickets
How to Pay Parking Tickets 
Pay in Person
Drop Payment in one of our Parking Ticket Boxes:
  • 1000 block of Main, in front of Bill’s Pizza/The Wooden Chair
  • 900 block of Fremont near the hospital
  • 1000 block of Arlington, north side of Courthouse 
    (on the Police Department Ramp) 
  • Outside the Police Department Records Bureau window
Tickets can also be paid at: 
  • The Police Department Records Bureau
    7:30 AM to 4:00 PM
    Monday through Friday

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Parking Ticket Appeals

Overnight Parking Regulations 
  • City ordinance 9.05(1) "All Night Parking Regulated" restricts overtime night parking of vehicles on public ways between the hours of 2:30 am and 6:00 am. 
  • The ordinance also allows that there can be exceptions when authorized by the Police Department.
  • Traditionally, the Police Department has authorized permission to park overnight for one night when the request is appropriate. 
  • During Summer Months only (between Memorial Day and Labor Day), overtime night parking is granted for up to four days at a time. 
  • After Labor Day we return to the one day permission per call. 
  • Overtime night parking permission will only be granted in areas where parking is otherwise permitted. Areas such as "No Parking" zones, parked too close to a driveway (within 4 feet), parked too close to a crosswalk (within 15 feet) or too close to a fire hydrant (within l0 feet) are not allowed. 
  • Overtime night parking permission will only be granted when the requested vehicle is legally parked on the roadway.
  • Examples of some requests that may be honored include: guests from out of town, a car that won't start, driveway or home repairs, and other similar reasons.
  • Vehicles parked all night without permission or in violation of any parking restrictions will be subject to enforcement action.

How to Request Permission to Park Overnight
  • Any owner or operator of a motor vehicle who would like to request permission to park a vehicle overnight on a city street must call the Police Department at (715) 346-1500 ext. 2 to request permission. Speak directly to the police dispatcher. Be prepared to provide the following information to the dispatcher: 
    1. Make of vehicle. 
    2. License plate number of vehicle. 
    3. Location where the vehicle will be parked. 
    4. An active telephone number of the owner or operator so that contact can be made in the event of an emergency or road maintenance.

Frequently Violated Parking Regulations

Parking Too Close to Driveway 
State Statute 346.53(4) states that parking is prohibited within four feet of the entrance to an alley or a private road or driveway. Drivers must pay special attention especially after a snowfall when the driveways are not as easily identified.

Parking Too Close to a Crosswalk 
State Statute 346.53(5) states that parking is prohibited within 15 feet to the near limits of a crosswalk. This applies to marked and unmarked crosswalks - in the absence of signs, lines, or markings, it includes that part of a roadway at an intersection which is included within the imaginary lines connecting sidewalks on opposite sides of such roadway.

Parking Too Close to Fire Hydrant
According to State Statute 346.53(3), no person shall stop or leave any vehicle standing within 10 feet of a fire hydrant unless a greater distance is indicated by an official traffic sign.

Parked on Private Property
State Statute 346.55(3) and (4) states no person may leave or park any motor vehicle on private property without the consent of the owner or lessee of the property.

Owners or lessees of public or private property may permit parking by certain persons and limit restrict or prohibit parking as to other persons if the owner or lessee posts a sign on the property indicating for whom parking is permitted limited restricted or prohibited. No person may leave or park any motor vehicle on public or private property contrary to a sign posted thereon.

For questions or to learn more about parking restrictions, please contact Sgt. Tony Babl at (715) 346-1515.

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