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Grass & Weeds
Chapter 21 – Building and Premise Maintenance/Occupancy


(17) No owner, operator or occupant of any premises shall suffer, permit or allow noxious weeds as defined in Section 66.96 Wisconsin Statutes (being Canadian Thistle, Leafy Sprunge and Field Bindweed) and poison ivy, and in addition thereto, sow thistle, burdock, ragweed, sandbur, lambsquarter, green foxtail, yellow foxtail, pigweed, and bull thistle are noxious weeds in the event such weeds grow in profusion on a premises.

Report Problems with Grass or Weeds
  • Property Maintenance Complaints Visit our CityView Portal to report a violation, make a request, 
    or file a Complaint about Property Maintenance Code Violations.

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