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Snow & Ice
Chapter 16 - Streets, Alleys, and Sidewalks


(1) Removal from Sidewalks. The owner, occupant or person in charge of any building fronting upon or adjoining any street, and the owner or person in charge of an unoccupied dwelling or lot fronting as aforesaid, shall clean the sidewalk in front of or adjoining such building, or unoccupied lot or dwelling, which on corner lots shall include the sidewalk or ramps extending to the street, of snow and ice from such sidewalk and cause same to be kept clear of snow and ice, provided that when ice has formed on any sidewalk that it cannot be removed, the persons herein referred to shall keep the same sprinkled with ashes, sawdust, or sand. In the event of a snow storm, accumulated snow shall be removed from the abutting sidewalk by the owner or occupant of any premises within twenty-four hours after the snow ceases to fall, except on those streets or portions thereof where no boulevard is located, in which case snow shall be removed within 48 hours.

(2) City May Remove and Place on Tax roll. Whenever the owner or occupant of any lot or premises shall neglect or fail to remove the snow or ice in front of the same for twenty-four hours, the city inspection department shall cause such snow to be removed, provided that when ice has so formed on any sidewalk that it cannot be removed, the same shall be sprinkled with sand, and when completed, the city clerk shall prepare a bill of cost thereof, describing the real estate in front of which the work is done; if the cost of removal is not paid, it shall be placed in the next tax roll by the clerk in a separate column to be called "snow removal" and the same shall be collected in the like manner as other taxes are collected.

(3) No owner, occupant, or person shall place any snow or ice on or into any sidewalk, street, or alley without permission from the Public Works Director.

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