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Stormwater Management
What You Can Do to Help

City residents can help manage stormwater by trying some of these suggestions: 

  • Report when you see a spill or an illicit discharge.
  • Properly dispose of any household hazardous waste you may have at home.
  • Don't dump anything down storm drains. 
  • Don't throw litter (paper, cans, and cigarette butts) into the street. 
  • Don’t wash your car at home – use a commercial car wash which use water more efficiently and dispose of it properly, OR Wash the car on the grass where the water can soak into the ground.
  • Wash tools and toys over a grass or dirt area so the water can soak into the ground.
  • Try using natural solutions instead of chemical fertilizers or pesticides. 
  • Compost grass, leaves, branches, and other yard waste. 
  • Clean up pet waste and put it in the trash.
  • If you do your own auto repairs and drain or fill automobile fluids, make sure you catch and dispose of them properly.
  • Use salt sparingly during the winter. 
  • Educate your children – don't let them throw things down the storm drains.
  • Educate your parents – don’t let them pour things down the storm drains.
  • Plant a rain garden
  • Make and install a rain barrel.

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