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  1. Stormwater Pollution Info from the North Central Wisconsin Stormwater Coalition

    If storm water pollution were rubber duckies, it wouldn't matter what went down storm drains, but it does matter because it isn't rubber duckies - it's trash, oil, cigarette butts, and more flowing untreated to our rivers and lakes, and that's not good. Read More
  2. Comptroller-Treasurer’s Office 3rd Annual Photo Contest

    The Comptroller-Treasurer’s Office is having a photo contest again, with the winning photo going on the front cover of the annual budget book, and invites the public to submit photos taken from around the city. Read More
  1. Partners for Conservation Sign Unveiling & Green Circle Trail Section Ribbon Cutting

    The North Central Conservancy Trust, the Green Circle Trail, & the City of Stevens Point held a ceremony to open the new section of the Trail and to recognize their purchase, management, and protection of property next to Bukolt Park & the nearby island. Read More
  2. McDill Disc Golf Course Closure

    Due to the McDill pond dredging project, the McDill Disc Golf Course along Patch Street will close September 17, 2021, and will be closed for the duration of the dredging project, which is expected to last into the summer of 2022.
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