Cemetery Rules & Pricing

Forest & Union Cemetery Rules/Regulations & Pricing

1. Prior to any cremation burial or monument placement, the City of Stevens Point requires the site to be marked. The fee for this service is $30 which will be paid directly to the current vendor. Please call the City of Stevens Point at 715-346-1573 to schedule this service.

2. All cremation burials are the responsibility of the funeral home or the vault company. The base of the urn or cremation vault needs to be at least 2 – 2 ½ feet deep and must be buried within ONE foot in front of the monument. The City of Stevens Point recommends that urns be placed in a cremation vault prior to burial.

3. The City of Stevens Point requires notification of death by presenting a copy of one of the following: Death Certificate, Report for Final Disposition or Certification of Cremation Certificate, which should note the placement of the burial.

4. New monuments must be kept in line with current monuments and must be placed on a granite or concrete foundation. The foundation is not to be larger than 36" for a single space. If two spaces next to each other are purchased, the foundation can be placed over both spaces (not to exceed 72").

5. No shrubs or bushes are allowed without prior approval and must be maintained. Trees and shrubs are the property of the Cemetery and will be removed if they impede maintenance.

6. All decorations must be placed on the side of the monument. The City reserves the right to remove all decorations or urns that impede Cemetery maintenance or are not in good repair. All old decorations will be cleared out after November 1st of each year.

7. All dogs must be accompanied by their owner and be on a leash. Owners are required to clean up after their pet.

8. No offerings of food or beverage may be left at or on the burial sites or anywhere on the cemetery grounds, violators will be subject to further action. The cemetery will be monitored for violations and items may be removed.

9. The City is not responsible for lost or damaged monuments or items placed or planted on lot.

10. Cemetery roads will not be maintained for public traffic during a period from November 1 through May 1, each year.

11. Burials will be permitted during winter months, snow removal being the responsibility of the Funeral Director.

12. You may have one full burial, two cremation burials or one cremation burial and one full burial per single space.

13. Prices*: $700.00 single space, $25.00 Infant (1-2 years old) *Prices do not include grave openings, closings or site markings for monuments and burials. Grave openings are the responsibility of the Funeral Director. There is a designated area in the Forest Cemetery for infants. We waive the price of lots, in the designated area, for infants who died at birth or were stillborn.


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