Standing Committees of the Common Council

Appointments to these committees are made by the Mayor on or before May 1 of each year, subject to confirmation by the common council. The Mayor appoints every alderperson to at least one standing committee.

Board of Public Works

Mayor Mike Wiza, Chairperson ph. 715-346-1570
Jeremy Slowinski, Vice-Chair
Fred Hopfensperger
Mary Kneebone
Shaun Morrow
Ginger Keymer
Mykeerah Zarazua

Finance Committee

Meleesa Johnson, Chairperson ph. 715-343-1624
Jeremy Slowinski, Vice-Chairperson
Polly Dalton
Shaun Morrow
David Shorr

Personnel Committee

David Shorr, Chairperson ph. 715-544-4121
Mykeerah Zarazua, Vice-Chairperson
Thomas Leek
Polly Dalton
Marc Christianson

Public Policy & General Government Committee

Thomas Leek, Chairperson ph. 715-252-7515
Marc Christianson, Vice-Chairperson
Keely Fishler
Mary Kneebone
Ginger Keymer

Finance Committee, Personnel Committee, Public Policy & General Government Committee; and Board of Public Works, meet back-to-back (not necessarily in that order) on the second Monday of the month.

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