Iverson Winter Sports Area Rules

Sled/Saucer Hill Rules

1. No person(s) shall hang onto or grab hold of another person's sled, saucer, toboggan, etc. while riding down hills.
2. No defective equipment will be allowed on the premises.
3. All riders must face forward.
4. No backward or sideway sitting when going down hills.
5. No standing or kneeling on toboggans, sleds or saucers.
6. Please use steps and exits when returning up the hills.
7. No snow bank jumping.
8. See Park Staff for metal runner sled use.

Snowboarding Rules

1. Snowboarding is permitted only when supervised by Park Staff.
2. All Children under 6 years old must be accompanied by a responsible adult.
3. One person at a time may use snowboard features.
4. Use of helmet is required.
5. Flips and other extreme tricks are prohibited.
6. Ramps and jumps only built by Park Staff.
7. No defective equipment will be allowed.
8. Please use steps and exits when returning up hill.
9. No snow bank jumping.
10. No food or drink on hill.

General Information

  • Please report all accidents and/or injuries to Park Staff.
  • Any problems or damage to this facility should be reported immediately by calling 715-346-1531.
  • The Stevens Point Park and Rec Department staff reserves the right to enforce all park rules.
  • Failure to obey rules may result in dismissal from the park premises.
  • Hills may be closed for private parties.