Voluntary Rental Certification Program

The City has adopted a rental certification program. Rather than being mandatory (which is no longer allowed by the State of Wisconsin), ours is a voluntary program that offers prospective tenants or any other persons in the residential rental market a level of confidence when considering properties to lease. There is currently no governmental level of oversight/inspection unless a complaint is filed by a tenant. 

Fill out and Print a Voluntary Rental Inspection Application (PDF)

What is inspected? 

Inspections look for basic health and safety issues within the dwelling itself, which could include: 

What about non-health or safety-related items that may be found? 

  • These would not impact the issuance of the certificate indicating that the unit complied with basic rental inspection criteria. 
  • If items outside of the basic inspection scope were found to be non-complaint, Community Development Department staff will not withhold issuance of the certificate, but would note the items of concern and work cooperatively with the property owner within their timeline and budget to address any issues not specific to the inspection.

Who would perform the inspection? 

  • Inspections are performed by Community Development Department staff or a qualified, privately-licensed inspector. 
  • The Fire Department would be involved with commercial buildings (3 units or more), as they are required by the State to perform an annual inspection of the common areas of these properties. 
  • An owner may opt to use a privately-licensed State of Wisconsin UDC building or DSPS home inspector who would use the City-provided Inspection Checklist (PDF) and sign an affidavit of inspection. 
  • A third party licensed inspector may not inspect a dwelling which they own or have an ownership interest in, or if they work for a management company responsible for or have a direct business interest in said properties.

For how long is the certification valid? 

  • The inspection is valid for five years. 
  • If the property is not re-inspected prior to the date of expiration, it would lose the status of “Notice of Compliance with Voluntary Rental Inspection Program” issued by the City of Stevens Point and be removed from the online database.

What are the costs to the property owner (landlord)?

The following fee schedule would apply:

 Trip charge of $75 plus a $50 inspection charge per unit. A credit is available to owners who self-inspect prior to the City arriving (sheet will be provided), and if no violations are found, the inspection charge would be reduced by 50% for each complying unit for rental up to 4 units. 

Example fees:

  • One unit: $75 trip charge plus $50 per unit = $125
  • One unit self-inspected previously and no violations: $75 trip charge plus $50 per unit -$25 = $100
  • Two units: $75 trip charge plus $50 x 2 units = $175
  • Two units self-inspected previously and no violations: $75 trip charge plus $100 for 2 units -$50 credit = $125
  • Two units self-inspected previously and one unit with no violations and one unit with violations: $75 trip charge plus $50 for non-complying unit, and $50 for complying unit - $25 compliance credit = $150
  • Sixteen units: $75 trip charge plus $50 per units X 4 units (20% or min. of 4 units) including common areas = $275
  • Twenty four units: $75 trip charge plus $50 per unit x 5 units (20%) including common areas = $325
  • 5+ unit apartments would only be required to inspect 20% (minimum of 4) of the units (selected randomly by the inspector) and all of the common areas and would not be eligible for the pre-inspection credit, but would only be charged for the units inspected plus the trip charge.

This works out to a maximum of $2.50/unit or less (for complying units) per month based on a 5 year schedule, not including any re-inspection that may be needed. Re-inspections, if needed after the initial inspection for any outstanding issues, would be charged at a flat rate of $25 per unit inspected with a $75 trip charge. The property owner, landlord, or management company would be responsible for scheduling with tenants, providing notice, and allowing access to the dwelling units to be inspected. For boarding houses, each boarder room is considered a separate “unit.” For owners who chose to use a private inspector, there would be a $25 registration fee for each property registered within the program.

What Information will the landlord have to provide?

The landlord would be required to provide the City with basic contact information for the owner, and/or management company (one of which would need to be local within a 50 mile radius of Stevens Point) and make arrangements with, and/or provide notice to, the tenant(s) of the pending inspection when they are scheduled.

Fill out and Print a Voluntary Rental Inspection Application (PDF)

Properties that have been Certified

1917 Clark St. (Duplex)Inspection Checklist (PDF)Notice of Compliance (PDF)   Expires 2/19/24
441 Frederick St. N. (10 Units)Cert. of Occupancy (PDF)Notice of Compliance (PDF)Expires 9/01/22
600 John's Dr. (4 Units)Inspection Checklist (PDF)Notice of Compliance (PDF)Expires 1/31/24
701 & 703 Union St. (Duplex)Inspection Checklist (PDF)Notice of Compliance (PDF)Expires 1/31/24
201 Wilshire Blvd. (12 Units)Cert. of Occupancy (PDF)Notice of Compliance (PDF)Expires 8/03/23