Residential Parking Permits

  • Residential Parking Permits are available within the Multi-space Kiosk Parking Zone in the three areas shown below. 
  • The permit allows an owner-occupied residence in these zones to park on the street in their zone during periods of enforcement (7 am -  5 pm Monday-Friday) without kiosk or mobile payment. 
  • Rental units are not eligible for these permits.
  • All other parking regulations are still in place in these zones.

Parking Zone 1Zone 1
Briggs, Phillips, Portage

Parking Zone 2Zone 2
College Ave., Sims Ave.

Parking Zone 3Zone 3
Illinois Ave.

Request a Residential Parking Permit

  • Resident can request a permit through the Parking Portal Website
  • You must have or create a user account. Accounts will require vehicle information. 
  • Select the permit zone you are requesting.
  • You will need to provide a picture of the front of your driver’s license and an additional document showing proof of residency (utility bill, vehicle registration, etc.)
  • Permits may also be requested in person at the Police Department Records window from 7:30 AM to 4:00 PM Monday through Friday.
  • Permits are electronically linked to the vehicle’s license plate number. No physical permits are issued for display.


Lt. Joe Johnson 
Phone: 715-341-4103