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Victim Information and Notification Everyday (VINE)


General Information

The Wisconsin Statewide Victim Information service (WI-VINE) is a free and anonymous telephone and online service that provides victims of crime with information regarding the custody status of their offenders.  VINE monitors the custody status of offenders in Wisconsin's county jails and makes the information available either by phone or online.  The information is stored at the VINE Communications Center in Louisville, KY.  Information is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

The Wisconsin VINE service is available in English, Spanish, and Hmong. 

What will WI VINE do for me?

Although WI VINE was created with victims' safety in mind, it is available to anyone who wants to receive custody information about an offender in a county jail.

  • You can call or log-on to WI VINE anytime to check the custody status of an offender.
  • You can also register with WI VINE to receive automated notifications about changes to an offender's custody status.  These notifications can be sent to you by phone and/or email, depending on how you complete your registration.

How do I get automated notifications?

Register for WI VINE notification using which ever method is best for you:

  • Using a touch-tone phone, call 1-888-944-8463 and follow the instructions to receive automated telephone notification.  You can register for multiple telephone numbers.
  • Register online at vinelink.com to receive automated telephone and/or email notification.

If you register for telephone notification, you must select and enter a Personal Identification Number (PIN).

When there is a change to the offender's custody status, WI VINE will send an email, if you registered for email notification, and/or will call your phone if you registered phone notification. 

If you receive a call, listen to the message then enter your PIN when asked.  This confirms that you received the call and stops the service from calling you again.  WI VINE will continue calling you until you enter your PIN or until 24-hours have passed.

If you are not home when WI VINE calls, the system will leave you a message on your answering machine/voicemail, but will continue to call until your PIN has been entered or until 24-hours have passed.