Community Area Network

Stevens Point Community Area Network (CAN)

The Stevens Point Department of Public Utilities owns and operates a community area network (CAN) that connects different institutions to critical services by way of fiber optic cabling.  This infrastructure is essential to reliable, affordable bandwidth for some of our community's most relied-upon services such as local government offices, K-12 schools, technical schools, healthcare, and other community area institutions.


All community area institutions and divisions of government and education, as well as healthcare and other essential services, are currently eligible to access the Community Area Network. Consideration will also be made related to the delivery of CAN connectivity to other businesses and institutions upon request.


All CAN members pay the same rate for services as defined in Chapter 13 of the City’s Revised Municipal Code (PDF).  These rates are locally regulated by the City’s Utility Commission.

How to Join

Please reach out to the Department of Public Utilities for more information about the CAN and to express interest in connection to the CAN.