Private Wells for Irrigation

Private Wells are generally permitted in the City of Stevens Point for lawn irrigation systems only. Well Permit renewal and water sampling are required every five years. The well water must be tested for Total Coliform and E. Coli bacteria to meet well renewal requirements.

Wells must be constructed to meet the code requirements of NR 812 Well Construction & Pump Installation. Please use the steps below as a guide for new well installations. 

Property Owner Instructions

Contact the Utilities Department prior to installation of any private well, and they will help you meet location requirements. Wells that do not meet Code requirements may be required to be filled in and sealed at the property owner’s expense! A licensed pump installer or well driller must do filling and sealing. Wells located in basements or pits generally do not meet Well Code requirements and are usually required to be filled in and sealed by licensed personnel. 

  • Obtain a Residential or Commercial Plumbing Permit from Stevens Point Inspection Department. Construction of water well must meet state code (NR 812) & plumbing code requirements.
  • Obtain a Well Notification Number before well construction ( or license distributor).
  • Obtain a driven point well packet from the Wisconsin DNR (call 608-266-1054).
  • Complete the well packet & sample requirements and return them to the DNR.
  • Submit copies of the Well Construction Report & water sample to Stevens Point Public Utilities.
  • Schedule a site visit with the Utility Inspector by calling 715-342-4866.
  • Obtain a well permit from the City of Stevens Point, which is required for all private wells located within City limits.


If you need additional help or have questions, please get in touch with Stevens Point Public Utilities at 715-345-5260 for more information. 

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