Forestry Permits and Specifications

Permits and specifications may be required if you plan to work on or around city-owned trees.

Tree Work Permit (PDF) - Required for such things as pruning or removing an existing street tree, planting a new tree in the city right-of-way, etc.

Special Construction Permit - Required for such things as excavating, sidewalk repairs, etc.

Standing Permit for Repair by Utility Providers (PDF) - Utilities can apply for this one-time permit, and it covers their minor repairs in the public right-of-way for one calendar year.

Forestry Specifications for Construction on Public Lands (PDF) - This set of specifications accompanies the above permits. The specifications describe what is required when working around street trees in the public right-of-way.

The City of Stevens Point's urban forest, which includes street trees, park trees, shrubs, and flower beds, enhances the quality of life we enjoy by providing environmental and aesthetic benefits, enhancing property values, and reducing energy costs to our citizens and businesses.

Our urban forest is an asset and an investment that will increase in value as it matures if its health is protected, and we protect it by enforcing work requirements through on-site inspections, and through penalties if specifications are not followed.

The permits and specifications listed below are designed to protect the whole tree, above ground as well as below ground. Above ground wounds to a tree are entry points for disease, insects, or decay. Severing, compacting, or burying and/or exposing roots hinder the roots' ability to carry out essential functions.

All types of tree damage shorten the life of the tree, and the value of the city's urban forest decreases with such reductions in tree vigor.


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