Crime Victim Rights

As a crime victim, or family member of a homicide victim, you have a right:

  • To receive information from the investigating law enforcement agency about your rights as a crime victim.
  • To receive information from the District Attorney's Office about your rights and information about your case.
  • To information about crime victim's compensation and assistance in applying for it.
  • To request an opportunity to communicate with the District Attorney about the case and possible outcomes.
  • To request that reasonable attempts be made to notify you of upcoming court proceedings.
  • To attend court proceedings in your case.
  • To a separate waiting area, away from the defendant.
  • To have someone accompany you to court.
  • To have your employer contacted regarding court appearances to minimize your loss of pay or benefits.
  • To a speedy disposition of the case.
  • To have your interests considered when the court is deciding to allow a delay in the case.
  • To have your property returned to you as soon as it is no longer needed as evidence.
  • To restitution for monetary losses resulting from the crime, and to a judgment for any unpaid restitution.
  • To request an order for the defendant to submit to a test for sexually transmitted disease or HIV, in certain cases.
  • In certain sexual assault cases, to have the interests of the victim considered by the court in excluding persons from a preliminary hearing.
  • To make a Victim Impact Statement at the time of sentencing.
  • In Felony cases, to have the person preparing the presentencing report make reasonable efforts to contact you.
  • To have a reasonable attempt made by the Department of Corrections to notify victims regarding: release or escape from custody, applications for parole by the defender, granting of personal leave or community residential confinement of certain offenders.
  • To contact the Department of Justice about any concerns you may have about your treatment as a crime victim.

Wisconsin Victim Resource Center (800) 446-6564 or (608) 264-9497