Meter Reading & Billing

Water Rates

Effective December 1, 2021

In Town and Out of Town Water Rates are the same.

The water rates are the quarterly service charge (see chart below) plus:

  • Residential $1.44 per 100 CU FT
  • Multifamily Residential $1.49 per 100 CU FT
  • Nonresidential - First 10,000 $1.55 /100 Ft³ Next 90,000 $1.46 /100 Ft³ Next 150,000 $1.29 /100 Ft³ Next 750,000 $0.98 /100 Ft³ Over 1,000,000 $0.85 /100 Ft³

Sewer Rates

Effective December 1, 2021

In Town Sewer Rates:

  • Quarterly Service Charges Plus $4.09/100 Ft³
  • Unmetered Flat Rate $139.26/Quarterly

Out of Town Sewer Rates:

  • Quarterly Service Charges Plus $5.12/100 Ft³
  • Unmetered Flat Rate $173.53/Quarterly

Stormwater Rates - Residential

Effective December 1, 2021

Single family residences:

The annual fee for a single family residence (1 ERU), will be $74.52, or $18.63 per quarter. If you own the home and live there, this fee will be on the same bill as your water and sewer quarterly bill. If you own the home, but live elsewhere, the bill will be sent to your billing address, separately.

Duplex/Triplex residences:

Duplex and triplex units are billed to the owner of the property. The stormwater fee will be .8 ERUs per unit, per year. A duplex unit will pay a total of 1.6 ERUs per year, and a triplex unit will pay a total of 2.4 ERUs per year. Each unit (.8 ERU) will have a fee of $59.64 per year or $14.91 per quarter.

Apartments (over 3 units)

If you live in a building that has more than three units the stormwater fee is calculated based on the total impervious area, and billed to the property owner. The rates are calculated according to the formula in the section to the right for commercial, industrial, and public accounts.


Some properties such as condo units and rooming houses can vary for many reasons. If you have questions on your stormwater fees, please contact the utility office.

Stormwater Rates - Commercial/Industrial/Public

Stormwater fee calculation

All stormwater fees for properties that fall into the commercial, industrial, or public account classification are calculated using the following formula. (a/3,364) X $74.52 = annual fee (where 'a' = total impervious area)


The total area of impervious surface at "Store X" is equal to 10,500 square feet. Divide 10,500 by 3,364 (to get the number of ERUs) and multiply the result by $74.52 (fee per ERU). This gives a total annual stormwater fee of $233.25. (10,500/3,364) X $74.52 = $233.25.

Private Fire Protection Service

Effective September 1, 2018

This service shall consist of permanent or continuous unmetered connections to the main for the purpose of supplying water to private fire protection systems such as automatic sprinkler systems, standpipes, and private hydrants. This service shall also include reasonable quantities of water used for testing check valves and other backflow prevention devices.

Quarterly Private Fire Protection Service Demand Charges

Line SizeQuarterly Charge

Public Fire Protection Service

Effective December 1, 2021

Public fire protection service charge includes the use of hydrants for fire protection service only, and such quantities of water as may be demanded for the purpose of extinguishing fires within the service area. This service shall also include water used for testing equipment and training personnel.

Quarterly Service Charges

Meter SizeWater RateSewer Rate In TownSewer Rate Out of TownFire Protection

The average family of 4 uses approximately 2,500 Ft3 of water quarterly. Based on that figure, a quarterly billing for a home within the city with a 5/8" meter would be $217.87.

Water Charge 25 Cubic Feet *1.44 = $36 + Service Charge $29.66 = $65.66.

Sewer Charge 25 Cubic Feet * $4.09 = $102.25 + Service Charge $36.42= $138.67.

Fire Protection $13.53

Total Water Charges $65.66 + Total Sewage Charges $138.67 + Fire Protection Charges $13.53 = Quarterly Billing $217.86.

Other Information

7.48 Gallons equal 1 Cubic Foot


Parts per million (ppm) or milligrams per liter (Mg/L) - one part per million corresponds to one inch in sixteen miles or one penny in $10,000.

Parts per billion (ppb) or micrograms per liter (ug/l) - one part per billion corresponds to one inch in 16,000 miles or one penny in $10,000,000.

Effective 7/9/07

Read our Sewer Charge Adjustment Policy (PDF) (regarding the adjustment of sewer charges for water usage attributed to a leak on a customer's service).

Effective 4/1/06

Special Meter Reading charge $10. This charge would be applied anytime a meter reading is requested that is not on the date of a scheduled quarterly reading.

Administrative Fee for creating final bills $5.