Firefighting & Fire Prevention

firefighting.jpgThe Stevens Point Fire Department responds to fires and a variety of other calls including EMS, Police assists, controlled burns, false alarms, hazmat incidents, downed power lines, carbon monoxide checks, and other calls for assistance.
The reason there has been a relatively small loss of property due to fire in Stevens Point is that fire prevention is a primary focus of the Department.

Our Building Inspection Program inspects more than 1,200 commercial properties per year.

Our Public Education Program includes talks and tours given throughout the area. Fire extinguisher demonstrations, school fire drills, friendly firefighter programs, and the Fire Safety Smoke House are used to educate children as well as adults on what to do in case of a fire.

smokehouse.jpgPre-Incident Plans are made. Information is gathered about high risk occupancies before incidents occur.
We have a good equipment maintenance program and almost daily training in all aspects of fire service.

These, and other pro-active programs are the reason that the citizens of Stevens Point should be proud of the Fire Department and the amount of fires they don't have.