Building Permits

Building permits are required for the following:

You are encouraged to contact the Building Inspection division to see if your project requires a permit. It is ultimately the responsibility of the property owner to make sure a permit is obtained. If you hire a contractor, please make sure you see a permit card displayed in your front window before work begins. Before signing a contract with a contractor, call our office at 715-346-1567 to verify the contractor is licensed.

Building Permit Applications & Fees

An application for a building permit shall be made in writing upon a blank form and shall state: a) Name and address of the owner of the building and the owner of the land on which it is to be erected; b) Name and address of the designer; c) Legal description of the land on which the building is to be located; d) Location of the building, the house number thereof, and e) Such other information as the Building Inspector may require.

With such application, there shall be submitted to the Building Inspector: a) One (1) complete set of plans and specifications, and b) One (1) copy of a survey, if required by the Building Inspector.

The survey shall be prepared and certified by a surveyor registered by the State of Wisconsin and shall bear the date of the survey. The certified survey shall also show the following: a) Location and dimensions of all buildings on the lot, both existing and proposed; b) Dimensions of the lot; c) Dimensions showing all setbacks of all buildings on the lot; d) Proposed grade of proposed structure, to city or village datum; e) Grade of lot and road opposite lot; f) Grade and setback of adjacent buildings. If adjacent lot is vacant, submit elevation of nearest buildings on the same side of road; g) Type of monuments at each corner of lot; h) Water courses or existing drainage ditches; and

i) Seal and signature of surveyor.

All plans shall be drawn to a scale not less than one-eighth (1/8) inch per foot, on paper or cloth in ink and shall disclose the existing and proposed provisions for water supply, sanitary sewer conditions and surface water drainage. All dimensions shall be accurately figured. Drawings that do not show all necessary detail may be rejected. A complete set of plans for residential construction shall consist of: a) All floor plans; b) Foundation plan; c) All elevations; d) Complete construction details; e) Energy worksheet calculations; f) Plans of garage when garage is to be built immediately, or location of garage when it is to be built at a later date; and

g) Additional information or calculations for any proposed work may be required by the Building Inspector.

At the option of the Building Inspector, plans data, specifications, and survey need not be submitted with an application for permit provided the proposed construction is sufficiently described in the application for permit.

The amount of time required to review and approve your permit application will be based on the completeness of your application, the type of project, and the number of applications ahead of yours. Applications are reviewed on a first come, first serve basis. Larger projects require more detail, which can increase the time needed to review your project.