Downtown Directional Study

Prior to beginning this planning effort, a task force comprised of downtown "share holders" was established by the City of Stevens Point and the Portage County Business Council. The task force, with technical assistance from the organizing entities, served as an advisory committee and provided initial citizen input to identify key issues and the needs of Centerpoint.

The City and Business Council staff identified four specific areas of focus to seek outside technical assistance. These areas include: Market Data, Best and Highest Use of Downtown Real Estate/Sites, Parking and Traffic Management, and Urban Design.

The Downtown Directional Study has been designed to provide future guidance to the City, private developers, business owners, associations and community groups. The recommendations of the report will provide the City and Business Council a working framework that will provide community direction as various development opportunities present themselves in the future.

Centerpoint Directions Plan (PDF) (Very large 25 MB file. For best results, right-click the link and chose "save target as" from the menu. Save the file to your computer before trying to open it.) Contents of the Plan:

  • Downtown Directional Study: A Collaborative & Incremental Approach to Downtown Revitalization - Final Recommendations (January 8, 2002)
  • Centerpoint Directions Plan (October 1, 2001)
    • Exhibit A: Trade Area Maps and ZIP Code Lists
    • Exhibit B: Claritas Reports
      • Market Trends Report
      • PRIZM Report
      • Consumer Expenditure Report
      • Retail Sales Potential Report
    • Exhibit C: Focus Group Transcripts
    • Exhibit D: Task Force Photos
    • Exhibit E: Traffic and Parking Elements Study
      • Appendix A: Parking Occupancy Survey
      • Appendix B: Parking Duration
      • Appendix C: Sketches of Parking Lots and Sites
    • Exhibit Fax: Sample Public Input Priority Ballot
    • Exhibit G: DPN and Team Member Profiles