Bicycle Laws & Rules

The following rules apply to riding bicycles on roads, bicycle ways, and sidewalks in the City of Stevens Point

  • Bicycle operators must comply with Wisconsin State Statutes Chapters 340 to 348.
    (Get Information about Wisconsin Rules of the Road for Bicycles)
  • Bicycles must be registered with the City if owned by a City resident, or in the municipality where the owner resides, if that jurisdiction has bicycle registration.
  • Bicycles must be in good operating condition.
  • Bicycle operators must not interfere with other users of public roads, bicycle ways, or sidewalks.
  • Bicycles must be operated in a careful and prudent manner, and not at a speed greater than is reasonable and prudent.
  • Bicycles must be operated with due regard to the safety of the operator and other persons upon the roads, bicycle ways, and sidewalks.
  • Trick riding, including riding with no hand on the handle bars, is not allowed on any road, bicycle way, or sidewalk.
  • Bicycles may not be parked on any road, bicycle way, or sidewalk in such manner as to interfere with free passage by the public.
  • Bicyclists exercising due care may operate a bicycle upon any sidewalk in the City of Stevens Point.
  • Unless otherwise provided, bicycle traffic shall be 2-way on a Bicycle Way. Unless otherwise provided, the Bicycle Way may be used by pedestrians, and every person operating a bicycle thereupon shall yield the right-of-way to any pedestrian. Every person operating a bicycle on a Bicycle Way shall obey all traffic control signs, signals, and markings posted on the Bicycle Way. See City Ordinance Chapter 9.12 (PDF) for a list of Bicycle Ways (including, but not limited to, the paved path running between Bukolt Park and Pfiffner Pioneer Park).
  • Bicycles may not be operated on Main Street in the 4100 through 4600 blocks (except to cross the street perpendicularly and lawfully) unless the sidewalk is closed to traffic due to construction, unplowed snow, obstruction or other reason.

The following rules apply to riding bicycles in City Parks and on the Green Circle Trail

  • No one may operate a bicycle (or skate board, roller skate, or scooter) within the perimeter area of the football stadium in Goerke Park (running track).
  • No person shall ride or operate a bicycle within the Green Circle Trail corridor in posted areas prohibiting such use.
  • Riding a bicycle recklessly in any manner is prohibited on the Green Circle Trail.
  • Riders must yield to hikers on the trail under all circumstances and must sound a bell or other warning device when approaching from behind.
  • Riders must slow down to a reasonable speed when overtaking or approaching pedestrians on the trail.
  • Riders shall proceed in single file on the trail.
  • Riders shall obey other rules and regulations posted on the trail corridor.

Cyclist & Driver Education Video

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The lists of rules on this page are not all-inclusive

To see all of the laws pertaining to bicycle operation in the City of Stevens Point, see City Ordinance Chapter 9.12 (PDF) (Traffic) and City Ordinance Chapter 10 (PDF) (Parks).