Best Small Cities for Families

Stevens Point Designated One of the Best Small Cities in which to Raise a Family published a list of the 15 best cities to raise a family in, and Stevens Point was listed as number 6. To pinpoint the best small places to raise a family, Forbes looked at quality-of-life measures that make living easier for families. "We started with the most recent data available from the U.S. Census Bureau on all Metropolitan and Micropolitan Statistical Areas with a population under 100,000. That left us with 126 cities, which we ranked on five measures" Forbes wrote.

"The choice of where to settle down and bring up youngsters is based on a number of complex and personal factors, many of which can't be measured in a ranked list. But things like affordability, education and jobs are often among them -and these off-the-radar metros have a great deal to offer."

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