Bird City Wisconsin

Stevens Point Bird City Wisconsin High Flyer Award

Stevens Point became one of the first cities to win the Bird City Wisconsin award in December of 2010. The Bird City Wisconsin initiative is modeled after the Tree City USA program developed by the National Arbor Day Foundation. The goal of Bird City Wisconsin is to "Make our communities healthy for birds ... and people." The focus is on improving urban bird habitat and reducing threats to birds.

Bird City Wisconsin has established a total of 22 criteria for communities to work toward, but only 7 of these from 5 categories are required to be designated a Bird City. Stevens Point qualified in 8, including: compliance with the State Smart Growth initiative; Tree City USA designation; Cats Indoors campaign; Audubon Christmas Bird Count; preservation of habitat at the Erickson Natural Area on McDill Pond; and development of a nest box trail by McKinley Center Elementary School students at Kozcizkowski Park and the Erickson Natural Area.

Lauding the Stevens Point application, Carl Schwartz, coordinator of Bird City Wisconsin said, "Nobody else had the depth of projects, the scope, the kind of vision that Stevens Point has had."

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