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Posted on: March 17, 2023

It's Pothole Season - Please Drive Carefully

At this time every year, but some more than others, the constant thaw-freeze-rethaw-refreeze weather cycle turns cracks in the roads into potholes. The City currently has 3 crews patching potholes every day, but even patched holes can re-open overnight.

Crew Repairing Potholes

During the day, snow and ice melt and the water gets in the cracks in the road. When the temperature drops at night, the water turns to ice and expands, breaking off pieces of pavement. The expansion is a powerful process that can turn a small crack into a large hole very quickly, especially when it happens repeatedly like it does at this time of year.

We receive more calls about potholes than we can possibly patch in a day, but we keep working as long as the weather keeps creating more potholes. Please be patient and drive extra carefully around our crews who are out working on the open roads. 

Be sure to drive the speed limit and maintain enough space in front of your vehicle so you can safety avoid hitting potholes and - more importantly - the people who are working diligently to fill them.

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