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Central Transportation

  1. Point Plus Eligibility Application / Specialized Transportation Certification

    The information obtained in this certification will only be used for the provision of Central Transportation specialized transportation... More…

Community Development

  1. Brownfield Site Nomination Form

    Nominate a brownfield site that you think is a candidate for inclusion in the City of Stevens Point’s U.S. EPA Brownfields Grants... More…

Contact Us

  1. Comments & Suggestions for the Mayor
  2. Contact Alderperson - District 10
  3. Contact Alderperson - District 2
  4. Contact Alderperson - District 4
  5. Contact Alderperson - District 6
  6. Contact Alderperson - District 8
  7. Contact Asst. Fire Chief Davis
  8. Contact Building Inspector Schneider
  9. Contact the Airport Manager
  10. Contact the Assessor's Office
  11. Contact the Building Inspector
  12. Contact the City Attorney's Office
  13. Contact the Community Development Admin. Assistant
  14. Contact the Community Media Manager
  15. Contact the Construction and Maintenance Superintendent
  16. Contact the Department of Public Works
  17. Contact the Electrical Inspector
  18. Contact the Facilities Supervisor II
  19. Contact the Forestry & Landscape Operations Superintendent
  20. Contact the Human Resources Manager
  21. Contact the Mayor
  22. Contact the Neighborhood Improvement Coordinator
  23. Contact the Paralegal
  24. Contact the Parks Dept. Admin. Assistant
  25. Contact the Parks, Rec, Forestry Director
  26. Contact the Police & Fire Administrative Secretary
  27. Contact the Police Department
  28. Contact the Records Bureau - Long
  29. Contact the Records Bureau - Tork
  30. Contact the Recreation Program Supervisor
  31. Contact the Riverfront Arts Center Director
  32. Contact the Superintendent of Streets Construction/Maintenance
  33. Contact the Transportation Superintendent
  34. Contact the Treasurer's Office
  35. Contact the Wastewater Superintendent
  36. Contact the Water / Sewerage Department
  1. Contact Alderperson - District 1
  2. Contact Alderperson - District 11
  3. Contact Alderperson - District 3
  4. Contact Alderperson - District 5
  5. Contact Alderperson - District 7
  6. Contact Alderperson - District 9
  7. Contact Asst. Fire Chief Gemza
  8. Contact Fire Chief Finn
  9. Contact the Assessor
  10. Contact the Assoc. Planner / Zoning Admin.
  11. Contact the CAP Services Loan Program
  12. Contact the City Clerk
  13. Contact the Community Development Director
  14. Contact the Comptroller/Treasurer
  15. Contact the Cultural Commons
  16. Contact the Director of Public Works
  17. Contact the Facilities Supervisor
  18. Contact the Fire Dept. Admin. Assistant
  19. Contact the Housing Executive Director
  20. Contact the KASH Playground Board President
  21. Contact the Municipal Court Clerk
  22. Contact the Ordinance Control Officer
  23. Contact the Parks and Public Property Superintendent
  24. Contact the Parks, Rec & Forestry Dept.
  25. Contact the Plumbing Inspector
  26. Contact the Police Chief
  27. Contact the Public Utilities & Transportation Director
  28. Contact the Records Bureau - Spreda
  29. Contact the Records Bureau Supervisor
  30. Contact the Resident Services Coordinator
  31. Contact the Sculpture Park
  32. Contact the Superintendent of Streets Fixed Operations
  33. Contact the Travel Trainer
  34. Contact the TV Production Specialist
  35. Contact the Water / Sewage Administrative Services Manager
  36. Contact the Water Distribution Superintendent


  1. Special Needs Alert Form

    Person-Specific Information for First Responders

Police Dept. Complaint

  1. Police Department Complaint Form

    Citizen/Employee Conduct Complaint(s) Against Employee(s) of the Stevens Point Police Department