Mary McComb

Mary McComb

Mary McComb was elected to be the new District 9 Alderperson on April 7, 2015.

She currently serves on the Board of Public Works, Board of Parks Commissioners, and Transportation Commission.

Mary is also a member of the Portage County Library Board of Trustees. Her other interests include local and regional history, dogs, area flora and fauna, reading, and movies. She plays piano at The Springs United Methodist Church. 

Mary has a PhD in Communication, and taught college for many years before moving back to her home town and opening up Sugar Doll, a candy and stationery shop.

Alderperson McComb hopes to collaborate to make Stevens Point even more wonderful than it is, with mixed-use neighborhoods and an economy in which all our citizens can thrive.

Home Address: 2100 Elk St., Sevens Point, WI 54481

Map of District 9 (pdf) 

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